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Delivering Exceptional Roofing Services

About us

Friendly Roofing offers high quality, cost minded installations and repairs for both residential and commercial roofs in the Lower Mainland.
We stand by our work and believe in using the best roofing products and the latest technologies to protect your home and business from rain, snow and wind.

Commercial Roofing

Throughout Vancouver, we provide roofing services for small businesses to huge corporations. We provide outstanding commercial roof services, installs, re-roofing, and upgrades to entrepreneurs.

Residential Roofing

Residential roofs should be examined and maintained regularly to ensure maximum performance. Maintaining your roof regularly ensures that it is robust and stable. This keeps leaks and other types of damage from spreading throughout your property.

Roof Repairs

We can frequently inspect the wood decking underneath your shingles from the inside of your ceiling to ensure there is no water damage. Suppose we notice this sort of deterioration during an inspection. In that case, our team of experts may typically simply cut away the decaying portion and replace it with fresh material, extending the life of your current roof.

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